We here at Evanbaum also offer errand services for your ever changing needs especially Airport Transport. We are happy to transport our precious Airport Packages from Miami Beach all the way to Orlando. As our business evolves we have added specific services that meets our valued clients’ changing needs which provides them with a competitive edge.  If you are looking for a reliable and accurate South Florida delivery service, Evanbaum unites our focus in Getting The Job Done When You Can’t . Our  Services include:
  1.  “On Call” service after hours and weekends 
  2. Late UPS AND FED-EX?  Just In Case You Missed your pick up! We can get your UPS and FedEx shipments to the Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach Airports’ Hub by 9 PM.
  3. IN-FLIGHT/ON BOARD COURIER: Evanbaum will book the flight and put a special courier on board with your most important precious package and personally deliver it to your door step. This eliminates careless handling and flight bumping by cargo personnel. 
  4. PRIORITY SHIPMENT: Assigning a specialized driver to your case will ensure your package arrive ahead of schedule. This is our Luxury Premier Plus Service because our clients know that timing is everything.
  5. We also do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly contracts.
  6. We are Bonded, licensed and Insured.